Break-in: Artist rooms raided at the Vienna Opera

Thieves broke into the Vienna State Opera and plundered 53 safe boxes in the artists’ area on Sunday, it was admitted today.

They stole cash, phones and small items, leaving instruments untouched.

Musicians discovered the theft just before Sunday’s performance of Mayerling.

The police were called.

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  • It demonstrates that classical performers are rarely burglars.

    But maybe it was a bird? (La gazza ladra, Rossini)

  • Sounds like they had realistic notions of what would be easy to sell and what would not.

    But it’s hard to imagine musicians keeping much cash in their lockers or leaving their phones there overnight.

    • The theft it seems took place sometime between the final rehearsal and that evenings performance.

  • Not very pleasant particularly given how Vienna in general is now becoming more of an insecure city in the last year or so. Usually thing, where you get poverty, you get crime.

    • It was very upsetting for me last year to see Vienna slide from the world’s safest city in which to live, to a city where people are murdered walking at night (this almost never happens) twice within a short space of time, people sleeping rough at the local Bahnhof and general signs of poverty and poor behaviour. The Roma are always there – but this is different. I used to be able to walk from the Innere Stadt at any time day or night out to my apartment in the 5th District in complete safety. Not any more.

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