Bass rumble: NY Philharmonic appoints Rion

We hear that Rion Wentworth has won the vacant doublebass seat in the New York Phil.

Nothing official yet. Their press dept. inhabits the 20th century.

rion wentworth


Rion has lived in New York City for the last fifteen years where he is a freelance musician. He has performed extensively with the New York Philharmonic including tours of the U.S., Europe, and Asia. He has also played with the New York City Ballet Orchestra and the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. Rion teaches on the faculty of the Juilliard School’s Pre College division and at Hunter College.

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  • “Their press dept. inhabits the 20th century.” You know, Norman, some of us here are getting a bit tired of all the boulders being lobbed at us from across the pond.

    While I greatly appreciate being kept abreast of the news in my profession (and you provide much of it), perhaps one might work a bit to lessen his bias?

  • It’s not massive news you know. Hardly announcing a new principal conductor.
    I’m sure an official announcement can wait a bit

  • Possibly they were planning to wait and announce all their new members together at the beginning of the season (if there are other auditions).

    Or possibly the winner has been chosen but the winner hasn’t signed his contract yet (they did announce Ricardo Morales as principal clarinet a couple years ago, and then he changed his mind. Maybe they’re waiting until everything is finalized).

    Or possibly, as Julian Reynolds suggests, it’s not such massive news.

  • And perhaps they will just announce it as they see fit, not when you “hear” it. Doesn’t make them 20th Century. Makes them professional.

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