Banff dismantles Melanson

In another blow to the former Toronto Symphony CEO, the Banff Centre – his previous post – has slashed eight percent of the workforce and demolished Jeff Melanson’s much-vaunted restructuring.

His successor says: ‘It was wonderful that the previous administration and the board went through an exercise to see what might be possible in the future for the Banff Centre, but frankly we’ve really now just modified that plan to begin first, and to focus most primarily, on the buildings that we already have on this really extraordinary campus, many of which are very old.’

More here on Musical Toronto.

We hear that the coming week’s issue (cover date May 9) of Canada’s national news magazine, Maclean’s, has as its cover story “The Heiress, the Impresario, and the Juiciest Divorce Ever:  How an epic marital meltdown exposed scandal at the top of the Canadian arts world”.




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  • Correct headline is: So-called “media” attempts to dismantle Melanson.

    Although it couldn’t happen to a better scoundrel.

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