All 42 Handel operas in one festival

Can’t be done?

Will be done.

In May 2020 at the centenary of the Göttingen Handel Festival. And all 42 in about two weeks.

‘We’re not sure of the finances,’ says intendant Tobias Wolff, ‘but the vision is there.’

handel halle

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  • Quantity over quality. The essence of Händel in a way, high quality way ;), so the program makes sense. It’s going to be too boring to Handel it all.

  • To state the glaringly obvious, not all Handel’s operas are equally good. Some could remain in decent obscurity?

    • And not all are equally good throughout. And some of the good bits have been lifted from other Handel operas that you may have seen already.

  • I’m a Haendel nut, so this would be like heaven to me. I’d love to see them all at once for the informational value as well as the music.

  • Sometimes the replies on this site take away any joy. I don’t believe Norman made any claim that the photo was from Göttingen.

  • I can think of no more awful way to listen to Handel than to listen to all the operas in one go

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