Vienna presents its first female piano professor

From Jan Jiracek von Arnim:

I am teaching for 15 years already in Vienna at the University for Music and Performing Arts, and now I am finally able to welcome the first female professor colleague in our department for Piano Performance..!

Lilya Zilberstein gave her inaugural recital the other night. Welcome to Vienna, Lilya!!

lilya zilberstein

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  • Вене повезло приобретением Лили! А мне повезло быть у самых ее истоков –я ее знаю с ее 5ти летнего возраста и по сей день! Вчера был День Рождения Лилечки, а 23го апреля мы идем в Большой Зал Московской консерватории, где будет встреча с этой блестящей пианисткой-в ее исполнении прозвучит 3й фортепианный концерт С. Прокофьева. Ждем встречи с нетерпением!

  • Isolde Ahlgrimm taught harpsichord at the same department for more than two decades, until her retirement in 1984. This used to be called Abteilung 2 – Tasteninstrumente. I believe now it is called Institut für Tasteninstrumente.

    Also, the same institution has employed for a long time women piano professors at the music education department.

    • Lilya was engaged to teach at the Department of Piano Performance where, apparently, she’s the first woman teacher.

      • Evidently Ms. Silberstein must be the first piano professor in the department (now Institute) of keyboard instrument performance. Is there now a piano department separate from a harpsichord department? In the University of Music website I see an Institut für Tasteninstrumente (Podium/Konzert) that is more or less what I knew in the 80s as Abteilung 2 – Tasteninstrumente.

        Am I missing something?

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