Vienna orchestra comes free

The Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra – RSO Wien – is in the market for a music director.

Cornelius Meister, 36, says he won’t renew beyond 2018, by which time he will have been in the job for eight years, longer than any predecessor. He’s looking to make his mark on the world circuit after useful debuts at Covent Garden and Washington DC.

Cornelius Meister


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  • Cornelius Meister has already conducted the National Symphony in Washington. Next season he’s back indeed, but this is not his debut with the orchestra.

  • Also debuted at La Scala, conducts regularly at the Staatsoper Wien, Theater and der Wien, Dresden, Zürich, Hamburg, München and the Ring for several years in Riga. I’d say he already has been making his mark. Though more international acclaim would not be misplaced. A seriously fine conductor and Mensch.

    • Seriously fine ? it’s like telling a beautiful woman she looks fine ….fine is for
      dogs , who would hire a seriously fine conductor ????

      • Fine: Oxford Dictionary:

        “1Of very high quality; very good of its kind:
        this was a fine piece of film-making
        fine wines
        More example sentences Synonyms
        1.1Worthy of or eliciting admiration:
        what a fine human being he is
        a fine musician”

        Milka is not fine chocolate. There is much that is finer.

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