Vienna Festival fires famed director

The busy Russian Dmitri Tcherniakov, 45, was dismissed when he failed to supply set designs on deadline for a new production of Beethoven’s Fidelio.

He has been replaced by the 82 year-old Achim Freyer.

The show opens in 10 weeks.

tcherniakov lulu
Tcherniakov’s Lulu

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  • If the intended Fidelio designs (and costumes?) resemble those depicted for the Lulu production, then the dismissal could hardly be deemed a loss.

  • Fryer’s Fidelio may set a new standard for Dunkel-ness if it’s anything like his Los Angeles Ring.

  • I am staggered to learn that the design deadline was so incredibly short! With the production opening in 10 weeks, that means rehearsals starting in 6 or 7. Surely it has to be a major clause in the contract and a key to the good management of time, procedures and cash that designs must be finalized way long before a 10 week deadline?

    • I agree. Usually there would be a rough Bauprobe for the set designs about 3 months prior to production rehearsals, which in this case, if the show opens in 10 weeks time the rehearsals surely would have started in 5 weeks time. The man must have been way, way past his deadline! Silly!!

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