Two professors are fired at Moscow Conservatoire

Svetlana Savenko and Elena Sorokina have received notices of dismissal. Both are renowned historians of Russian music. No reason has been given.

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  • Stalin used to tyrannise musicians as distinguished as Shostakovich. Now the dreadful Putin is at it – and he & a cellist mate are busy denying laundering cash via offshore funds. When is the next Russian ‘election’???

    • Since you see Stalin everywhere, Max – here’s a Stalin postage stamp.

      Feel free to fill the back of it with everything you ‘know’ about Russia? Don’t forget to include Beria, bolsheviks, bread queues, balalaikas, bear-bating, the Bolshoi… and those are just the b’s. You might need to use small handwriting?

      If there’s any space left, you might try mentioning something about the thread topic – alleged sackings at the Moscow Conservatoire – given the ‘vast’ extent of your slavophile erudition? [That’s what we call ‘a hint’ here in Moscow, matey].

      Found any Panama links to Putin yet? No, thought not. Although I see your David Cameron found time, in between his (“alleged”) sexual shenanigans in the pig-sty, to spirit his ill-gotten gains out of Britain, tax-free? As did President Porkyshenko of Ukraine.

      Tomorrow’s Sunday – a day off at the Car Wash where you work, I suppose?

      • Ah! Dear old Eddie crawls out of the woodwork again spouting his communist bile……..why not throw in a bit of antisemitism whilst you are at it, your Corbyinista pals seem to be doing a good job at the moment.
        Yesterday, I visited a small railroad monument just outside of Vilnius which was the departure point for those being shipped to the Siberian gulag at the behest of your dear Stalin………have a word with a few Lithuanians about the glories of communism and its glorious leader ” uncle Joe”…………..there are none so blind as those that cannot see.

        • One day, Elly, you’ll amaze us all – and post something on-topic, that isn’t brownshirt bile or ad-hominem cobblers.

          Got anything to say about music? Or the Moscow Conservatoire, the thread topic? Thought not!

          • Have you got anything relevant to say, Edward? Or are you focused on making offensive and unnecessary jokes about Mr Atkinson’s place of work? Grow up.

          • John has come to join the Brains Trust – of rightwing hooligans with *nothing* to say about the Moscow Conservatoire!!

          • My question still stands, Edward, or are you only able to make silly attacks? Your comments on this website make yourself look as if you have quite a problem.

          • IT is really interesting that when dear Eddie posts a political diatribe it is perfectly OK, but when someone challenges the drivel he spouts it is “ad hominem” or off topic. He will be straightening his che Guevara poster again and dusting off his Jeremy hat in honour of his “dear leader.” I thought these apartchicks were shown the door some years ago. So if you continue to spout the communist crap then some of out here may feel a little inclined to challenge you?
            And all done in the BEST POSSIBLE TASTE ( apologies to Cupid Stunt!)

          • Yes, very interesting. Edward is willing to give but not to take. His hypocrisy is really quite amusing.

  • Of course there are no visible links between Putin and Panama. That’s how tax havens work. They operate through intermediaries in order to conceal stuff from us ordinary mortals.

    • So it’s your theory that two harmless old musicologists at the Moscow Conservatoire were behind the Panama Papers, eh, David?

      Or you just wanted to vent?

      Bothered at all by the Met Police using baton charges to disperse Panama protestors outside Downing Street? No, of course, that’s just Dixon of Dock Green exercising his duties! 😉

        • No, exactly. You are a right-wing troll, contributing hate-inspired off-topic guff to this thread, which hasn’t the slightest connection to the topic.

          Bigots and fanatics of your kind will never be satisfied while any mention of Russia on these message-boards hasn’t been spammed with a screed of putrid hatred about Putin, Stalin, Gergiev, bread-queues, and other trashy guff that illustrate the guttersnipe level of your so-called “knowledge” of Russia (ie less than zero)

          We also wonder why you and your other sockpuppet identities are contributing (=littering). Your contributions are worth nothing whatsoever, troll.

          • I have come to the conclusion that the left wing bile spouted by Mr Mars can only mean he is the illegitimate love child of Lavrentiy Pavlovich Beria……which would explain a lot!

          • Do tell us what you know about the sacking of two professors at the Moscow Conservatoire, Elly??

            Or else STFU

          • You really do have a wonderful command of the English language and I don’t give a toss about the two professors at the Moscow Conservatoire, because as we all know this is all about political infighting (did you see the film about the Bolshoi ballet recently, illuminating). But what I do care about is abusive and bullying behaviour because a poster on here offers a view about a posted topic which you throw a wobbly about because it concerns dear old Soviet Russia (yes, I know that is a made up name). You are a little like those stalwart British socialists who defended Stalin and the show trials by sticking their head in the sand, then defended the invasion of Czeckoslovakia and suppression of most other countries in Eastern Europe. Hmmmm………..sounds a bit like Corbyn and his defence of Hamas and Hezbolla and virtually every other Islamic terror group you can think of……….same old, same old.
            And I have no intention of STFU………whatever that means!

          • No, you have no interest in posting anything on topic whatsoever, TROLL

            Long overdue that you were offed from this site, spammer.

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