The only violinist in the US charts manages on just one leg

Rachel Barton Pine is something of a legend.

Survivor of a Chicago train accident that claimed one of her legs, she has endured 45 operations to enable her to perform standing and in full command of her instrument.

This week, her new Bach sonatas and partitas album is fourth in the Nielsen Soundscan classical sales charts, the only violinist in the top ten.

There’s a feature on her today on CNN. Watch here.


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      • Nothing sour here …she certainly is a great example to overcoming tremendous odds
        and making a career in spite of in this listeners opinion being a second rate fiddler .

  • It’s old news. She lost the leg in an accident many (~20?) years ago. So, whatever.

    Whether or not she’s your cup of tea, she can sure play the violin though. I’m considering adding this recording to my collection (which includes Grumiaux, Milstein, Szeryng & others).

  • She’s definitely my favorite of the working tier-1 violin soloists. Her tone has got such strength and such a meaty core to it. That fiddle she’s got is perfect for her — she’s an athletic player to say the least, and the harder you push that fiddle, the sweeter it sings.

  • Making music has given her the courage and guts to have a life after the devastating accident. What an inspiration.

    • I too am disappointed in this headline, even though it is evident that Norman is a fan of hers.

      Rachel Barton Pine is a legend, not only for her personal courage and tenacity, but for her glorious sound and exquisite artistry. She can hold her own standing — or sitting– anywhere.

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