Supersize me, Riccardo Muti

Supersize me, Riccardo Muti


norman lebrecht

April 20, 2016

At rehearsals for Verdi’s Falstaff, Riccardo Muti and the Chicago Symphony became aware of an unusual guest in the hall. Turns out the Chicago Bulls’ Pau Gasol is a big opera fan. Like, very big.

He stayed right through the afternoon, looked into Maestro Muti’s score and agreed to a photo-op, with some adjustment for size. It was taken by the bilateral Todd Rosenberg, who covers both concerts and competitive sports.

Big day all round in Chicago.

muti paul gasol

photo (c) Todd Rosenberg



  • Jerron Jorgensen says:

    Pau is a huge classical music fan in general. Check out his Instagram feed @paugosal, which frequently features photos of him backstage at the Lyric just giddy to meet some of the cast or views of the stage from out in the audience.

  • Gregory says:

    Where does he sit? I’m not nearly as tall as Gasol and I find most seats at Lyric torture.

  • George Henry says:

    Concerts ARE competitive sports!

  • avi says:

    on a more serious note: i have just read an extensive review of the concert in nytimes. never read such a complimentary review. if anyone interested, google it. it would be easy to find (didn’t copy-paste the url, as i am not sure that you could do so in a blog’s comments, nor should i think that you should do so…)