Singers in anti-hate event at Frankfurt Opera

The company is putting on a matinee today to protest at rising German xenophobia.

All then musicians are appearing without fee.

They include:

Soprano Pumeza Matshikiza (Staatsoper Stuttgart),

Pumeza_IMG_7390 copy


Mezzo Adriana Ferfezka (Deutsche Oper Berlin),

Bariton Kartal Karagedik (Staatsoper Hamburg)

and Bass Ryan Speedo Green (Vienna Staatsoper).


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  • The four singers mentioned above are all Ausländer. Are any German singers participating in the protest against rising German xenophobia?

    • Great Scott!! I think you may have noticed the idea behind the event! But shhh! Don’t tell everyone!

          • OK, I checked on my own. These guests are additions to the usual, largely German, ensemble at the Frankfurt Oper. So, yea, there are many German musicians participating. The foreigners are added, I imagine, to drive home a point about tolerance.

  • And so sits Norman in his ivory tower, tell me how many asylum seekers and economic migrants do you have living next door to you? Merkels open door policy has created chaos in Germany and the reaction by many Germans is not xenophobic, it is about protesting at people who have come in with a totally alien set of values and cultural norms which are at odds with western culture……..Cologne anyone?
    Why next, you will be levelling the same accusation at the Swedes and Finns who are having similar problems (aid worker murdered at refugee centre)………..get off your high horse Norman and see what is happening in Europe for what it really is, a clash of unreconcilable idealogies. Do remember that there is no concept of “democracy” under islam.
    In the UK we have just had a man murdered because he was the “wrong kind of Muslim”, and had sent easter greeting to all his christian friends, someone took the trouble to drive 200 miles to Glasgow from Bradford and then stab him 30 times.
    So please stop your liberal leftie whinging and write to us when YOU have taken in several asylum seekers.

    • Are you a joke? Your countries have used and abused all resources of countless nations and inficted civil wars when your interests required. I bet you already know that well but who cares when they are not white christians, isn’t it? As long as they do not show up at your door you will go on living a happy life on miseries of others. It will be easier to live this way, i am sure.

      • Ah, we are playing the colonist card again are we.
        Tell me, have the Ottoman empire which conquered and enslaved a good part of the then known world paid any reparation for the destruction they caused.
        Shall we have a look at the destruction caused by the Mongol incursion across Europe
        And just for good measure lets throw in the subjugation of African and European countries by the Muslim hordes in previous centuries.
        But no, all of this is conveniently forgotten, yet western nations continue to be vilified……….so do tell me how long is the wests penance before we receive absolution?
        As far is immigration is concerned, I welcome those sharing the same values and cultural norms as me……….but what I will not tolerate is those who come here and say that we must change to accommodate them because it is their “human right”
        As far as Mr Mars is concerned, it would seem that ANYONE who should dare disagree with his viewpoint is immediately labelled a black shirt or fascist (he is beginning to sound like a Corbynista!)……….I note he does not address any of the issues I raised which I suppose is evidence of a limited intellect.

        • The Mongolian Empire had no connection to Islam whatsoever – particularly during the C13th when it ravaged Europe. Try to find a single mosque or madrassa in modern Mongolia? Or even the ruins of one?

          When your only answer is a hammer, all problems start to look like nails.

          I hadn’t noticed any on-topic questions you’d put to me – or I’d have responded, as it takes no effort whatsoever to swat your fatuous drivel. I don’t bother with the off-topic tripe you repost from Stormfront, because off-topic trolling is discouraged on these boards.

          • Forgive me, but you entered the debate when I posted my first entry in response to NL diatribe about German xenophobia. However, when I challenge you to address the issues about previous “colonialist invading hordes” you deem it to be off topic. I suggest you call a meeting with the rest of your Corbynista lackeys, pass a motion declaring “anyone who disagrees with us is a fascist” and then repair that Che Guevera poster on your wall!

    • I see the blackshirts have arrived.

      Look in a mirror. You are the problem.

      One day you’ll post something about music on this site? Whoops! No, you don’t like music, do you??? You’re here purely to put forward an extreme rightwing agenda of hatred.

    • I never thought this would happen but I agree with everything you say. Well said. You must have known what sort of reception to expect here.

      Bradford residents have been well aware of the mounting problems for decades and remember how sensible warnings from people like Ray Honeyford were ignored, and the man punished.

      To dismiss you as a Blackshirt is just plain absurd, and perhaps Bhsara can explain why the problems you have identified also affect countries without an imperialist past.

      • You’re right the Danes and the Swedes haven’t caused a problem since we kicked their behinds at the Battle of Stanford Bridge in 1066. And now Sweden is the rape capital of Europe and it is not the Vikings doing the raping.

    • Thanks to all the British citizens discussing “chaos in Germany”. Unlike Ellingtonia, I actually live in Germany. I have not noticed any chaos whatsoever, even though the mid size university city where I live has taken in its share of refugees. So, please keep your UKIP inspired xenophobia to yourself. Same goes for the notion that this is “destruction” emanating “from the German soil” (Mick). How on earth is simple humanitarian behavior destroying the rest of Europe, let alone Britain?

      Wir schaffen das. And if I could vote in British elections, I would gladly vote for the Brexit and then welcome Scotland with open arms back into the European Union.

      • Thank you. The voice of reason at last.

        (Btw, Hugo Preuß is probably one of the greatest constitutional lawyers of the 20th century. You could have chosen a worse pseudonym).

      • Bravo, 100% agreed.

        I wouldn’t bother using non-English terms with Mick, as he tends to respond with tirades of ad-hominem xenophobic abuse.

          • And Oxford, and Rochdale and….the list goes on. These things soon get very conveniently forgotten in the melee of PC.

    • Absolutely agree with you 100%. Nobody was asked if the entire culture of their country could be changed irrevocably; nobody!! And if you speak about it – sssshhh – the Stasi will come after you, close down your “Facebook” page and punish you.

      Freedom of speech!! Sheesh. A total joke.

  • Somehow it’s curious how destruction always seems to emanate from the German soil. They have successfully brought Europe to the verge of extinction several times over the past 150 years, and now they appear to be doing the same again, only by a different means. Whether they are “torn apart” by feelings of “guilt” for their past deeds, or simply being driven by the most mercantile interest of using those young savages as work force (what a delusion!), in the end anything the Germans touch will turn to Scheiße for everyone else around. They should not be allowed to pull it off this time.

    • Congratulations. Are you standing for the post of EDL chairman? This must be your manifesto – The Thoughts Of Chairman Mick.

      Alf Garnett would be proud of you!

      • Personally, of course, I am just a “mollusc”, as you aptly described me in one of your illustrious comments elsewhere (sadly lost for posterity on the grounds of being removed

        • Like most virulent nationalists, you clearly have literacy challenges in the language in which you claim such pride. Try Google Translate? For those struggling with expressing themselves, it works as a rather primitive linguistic band-aid.

          • Like most trolls, you clearly have logic and attention challenges. What makes you think I am a nationalist? Which nationality would it be then? Why do you think you know which language, if any, I am especially proud of? No hints of those things in my comments.

          • You despise all languages except English.

            The title of this thread is “anti-hate”. Run that phrase over in your mind a few times, and see what conclusion you come to (if any)?

            [[the West needs much more people]]

            Back to school for you.

          • It is muslims that hate us. When someone hates you it’s only human to answer back. I am not a saint like you Eddie Mars (or some other frequent guests on these forums).

          • Have you found your WMD in Iraq yet, Mick? You claimed they were there. A million innocent civilians were killed in the war you began there – yet no WMD were ever found.

            How many Afghans were involved in the 9/11 attacks? A total of 0. And yet the reprisal attacks centred entirely on Afghanistan, with thousands of civilian casualties in a war which continues to rage to this day.

            And you wonder why muslims dislike you?

          • Oh…I am so sorry about my wrong claims and starting so many wars…So what shall we do now, Eddie? May I propose a deal? Since, like I said, I am only human and therefore lacking the courage to atone for my sins, I suggest we send you over to our muslim brothers as a kind of human sacrifice. They will then slice your thick head off in front of a rolling camera (it’ll take a bit of work I assume, since they always use those funny short knives, for lack of funds maybe? Or just to prolong the pleasure?). And after that…lo and behold, peace and happiness over the whole world (multikulti, that is). Agreed?

          • I see that you’re still incapable of linking your own attacks on Islamic nations to the blowback you’re experiencing as a result.

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