Royal Danish Opera announces a season without singers

Royal Danish Opera announces a season without singers


norman lebrecht

April 27, 2016

From a correspondent:

Royal Danish Opera just announced its next season.<

The homepage of the Royal Theatre has been hugely criticized for not being up to date since it was launched last year.

If you look into the content of next season not one single singer is mentioned. They are delayed! Now I haven’t seen the printed program but obviously it remains a secret which singers will perform next season.

Check this.<

The names at the foot of the page are company singers, not cast in Fairy Queen.


UPDATE: The singers’ names have now been issued on a separate online programme, but not on the main website which is clearly a disaster.


  • Stephen says:

    May well have not cast ’em. Everything is getting later and later…….

  • Henrik Engelbrecht says:

    Almost all names are in the printed program, though, also available online. You can get a quick overview of the main singers in the casts on my own website

  • Bruce says:

    I found the names (and pictures) of the cast of Salome, so I presume the other operas have casts as well.

    1. Follow Norman’s link

    2. Click “en” in the upper right if you want it in English
    (2.5. You may have to agree to the use of cookies)

    3. scroll down to the opera of your choice and click “see more”

    4. click “cast”

  • Sue says:

    That is one hellova building, that Danish Opera House. I was staggered after my tour in 2011 and it leaves Sydney in its wake – literally.