Orchestra disengages from alleged sex-pest horn

Orchestra disengages from alleged sex-pest horn


norman lebrecht

April 14, 2016

The Boston University music professor Eric Ruske, accused of sexual harassment by two students, has been stripped of this weekend’s solo spot by the Wyoming Symphony Orchestra.

Ruske, a well-known horn virtuoso, has yet to respond to the allegations against him. Nor has there been any reaction from Boston U.

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  • will says:

    This is a ridiculous over-the-top action by the WSO. Mr Ruske has simply been accused, therefore he is innocent unless proved guilty.

    • Robert Holmén says:

      In the Boston Globe article linked to in the previous coverage of this, the allegations appear to be well-substantiated and seem to include even an admission BY the hornist is that he is behaving improperly.

      Given that level of certainty, greater than in other cases like this, the WSO perhaps decided it was better to decide now than engage in ineffective hand-wringing later?

    • Ross says:

      Where would you draw the line?
      If someone was “simply accused” of murder, assault, or rape, do you think they should be “proven guilty” a year or more later before there are any consequences?
      I’m sure the owner of this blog can procure the entire civil comaint, or you can find it and read it yourself.
      Do you have a daughter? Perhaps a sister? My intuition tells me that you have a mother so I won’t ask about that.

      • Fred S says:

        I would draw the line well before a a civil allegation of harassment, that’s for sure. The weak logic of your argument is indicative of the social media age we live in: instant-gratification righteous action trumps due process and rule of law every time.

        As a civil lawsuit, not criminal, this whole media storm is taking the word of these two students at face value. No 3rd party has vetted these claims which, frankly, seem weak to me. How often has the media gotten a story wrong by simply repeating an unvetted source’s headline lately?

        Harassment is not assault, rape, or murder. I fear for our children to live in a society where “due process” no longer has any meaning. No one wins from a lynch mob.

        • Robert Holmén says:

          Remember, it’s not just “the word of these two students”; they’ve presented the man’s actual emails that corroborate their claims.

  • Simon Evnine says:

    Yes, outrageous behaviour. I’ve always found Wyoming – and the sparse population rattling around it – a weird place

  • Larry says:

    According to the Symphony’s website, there are 2 concerts scheduled, 4/16 & 4/17. Mr. Ruske’s name has been removed from the site. If Mr. Ruske “is believed to be traveling,” [Norman’s words from the previous post], then he most likely must have canceled on them. Otherwise, he would be in Wyoming right now for rehearsals.

    • Doug says:

      “Traveling” in other words, seeking a place to hang his hat in an unnamed country in South America?

    • Bruce says:

      “Otherwise, he would be in Wyoming right now for rehearsals.”

      Maybe not. Our guest soloists (Spokane Symphony) show up the day before the first performance, and rehearse that evening and the next morning. Just as an example.

  • Lydia Wahlberg says:

    Wyoming gave us Dick Cheney who was Bush’s brain since he didn’t have one.
    You are welcome to correct my punctuation.

  • Mark Henriksen says:

    One of the complaints: “Ruske e-mailed Shyr during spring break and said “maybe you’ll share a cute pic with me. . . ,” including a winking emoticon”. How much in damages is that worth?

  • Plush says:

    What a load of manure. Let’s wait for the verdict or news. There won’t be a trial, now that’s for sure.

  • Sara K. says:

    More examples of the decline of america. two spoilt millenials who are mediocre musicians–based on publically available vids with some mindless professor banter (in no way at the level of these thin-skinned girls are proclamating with their shyster lawyer) are now seeking good ol’ american punitive damages–they cannot think, they are shaking, they turn on the water works, they are this, that, the other. Good grief. No wonder why america failed–Morris Berman.

  • MrsCG says:

    Funnily enough I went to see Ruske performing when I was 15 and an aspiring French horn player. After the performance I waited to get his autograph. He then followed me out of the auditorium and tried to persuade me to go out with him that night. When I told him I was only 15 he didn’t stop trying to persuade me. Just suggested I sneak out instead.

    • Terri says:

      I’m sorry that happened to you. He used to be a great guy—I think something really changed that. I’m sure that affected your path.