The relative values of Petrenko vs Petrenko

Tomorrow, Vasily Petrenko makes his conducting debut at the Bayerische Staatsoper, at the invitation of its music director, Kirill Petrenko.

The two Petrenkos, unrelated, are both products of late-Soviet educational values. One is music director in Liverpool and Oslo, the other is incoming chief of the Berlin Philharmonic.

Andrew Powell has compiled an entertaining chart of comparative qualities in his blog here.


Placing the two Petrenkos side by side here, like baseball cards, meant compiling at least some personal facts along with the musical. So, three questions went to the conductors’ handlers. How tall is he? Where does he live (part of town)? What’s his favorite sports team?

This proved awkward, however, especially on one side, and hitherto-cordial staffers turned as cool as, well, trademark attorneys. Vasily’s people cooperated with partial answers. Kirill’s, deep inside Bavarian State Opera, stonewalled: “Mr. Petrenko generally does not wish to answer any personal questions.”

Read on here.

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  • KP is extremely private. He did, however, buy a Bayern Munich season ticket a few years ago for an astronomical sum and then hardly ever got to a match.

  • Both preside over a dead art form and milk it for all it’s worth .
    How they must chuckle privately over the western audience that
    buys into this nonsense of glorifying time keepers ,Powell being an example.

  • >