La Scala dancer, 18, is critical after being hit by a tram

Graham Spicer reports that La Scala ballerina, Antonina Chapkina, is in intensive care after hit by tram outside Milan’s Central Station.

It appears the young Russian was wearing headphones and did not hear the vehicle approach.

Read on here.

Antonina Chapkina

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  • Appalling! Let’s all hope she recovers and can get back on the La Scala stage soon.

    The sad fact is that this dreadful accident has links to comments made in the recent threads about the ROH violist who is suing on the grounds of permanent hearing impairment. I raised the point in one post that persistently wearing headphones at too high a level can itself cause permanent hearing loss. I recall reading somewhere that if you are wearing headphones in the tube, say, at a level which prohibits your hearing someone trying to talk to you, then the level is too high. Yet is this not precisely what youngsters especially do not want? They are not just listening to music or whatever; they are also using their headphones to isolate themselves from extraneous sounds.

    Certain types of headphones help to block out outside sounds while also allowing music to be set at a lower level. I use the in-ear bud type. Over-ear phones seem to be increasingly popular, as are noise-cancelling phones. Presumably these all make it more difficult to be aware of other sounds around you. Whatever the type of headphone and at whatever level you listen, though, being aware of your surroundings at all times is clearly vital to your health.

    It is appropriate to note that the 21st Anniversary of International Noise Awareness Day takes place on Wednesday 27th later this month.

  • When in traffic, PSU attention to traffic. Earplugs need to be in one’s bsg or pocket. I hope Antonina recovers both health and career. Yet the incident would have been avoidable. Too many people cross streets without paying attention to oncoming traffic because of use of their digital devices. It is time to prohibit any use of such while moving, whether ad pedestrian, cyclist, or motorist – sadly, though, Antonina’s tragedy will not be the last, but instead a regular and unnecrssary occurrence all over the world…

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