Khatia’s new squeeze

khatia ivry

The Georgian pianist is on her way to Aix with our pal, Ivry Gitlis.

khatia ivry2

Not sure about the ripped jeans. So 90s.

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  • Even with the non-magnifiable images on SD, the visage of the guy on the right resembles that of the man seated at the dinner table in the final scene of Stanley Kubrick’s “2001”.

  • Karajan’s facial hair and Khatia’s ripped jeans. More at 11 about Capucon’s crossfit photos.

  • The great Russian humorist Mikhail Zhvanetsky once said something to the effect that “The advantage of being in your 80s (or 90s) is you can be totally free to hug and kiss them all over the place…without any hope of getting anything in return though”

    • How was that originally phrased in Russian, Micko? C’mon, you can tell us, because you’re such an “expert” in Russian, aren’t you???

      • Edik, if I start talking to you the way things are phrased in Russian, especially when dealing with twats like you, I’m afraid Mr. Lebrecht will start removing my comments the same way he did yours some time ago

  • She is wearing those expensive designer jeans in a head to toe 2016 manner, with imagination and her own personality. Well done.

    • All this silly fuss about a thoroughly incompetent musician, who succeeds in distracting everyone from her dreadful playing by what she’s wearing. Indeed, Ms. Buniatishvili’s audience is composed of those who listen exclusively with their eyes.

      • “Thoroughly incompetent”? Come off it! Have you actually heard any of her recordings (and I don’t mean on Youtube)? She’ll be around for some time to come as one of the finest pianists of her generation.

  • Go to Capucon’s Facebook page to see Anne-Sophie Mutter wear that same hat later in the day…

  • Not sure who is the most desperate.

    He looks as though he’s old enough to be her great grandfather.


  • He “looks” that way because he *is* almost “old enough to be her great-grandfather”. So what?

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