Just in: New boss at Israel Opera

The board has chosen Zach Granit to succeed Hanna Munitz.

He’s a political operative, a former ministerial adviser and head of the Israel Museum.

The decision was leaked to a Hebrew website. It won’t be official for several days.

israel opera

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    • #Eddie. First, this is a music site, so leave your uninformed politics out of it. Second, I hope that your musical knowledge is higher than your politics. What is illegal about the sovereign state of Israel? Israel has been attacked 6 times since 1948 and its boundaries changed due to self-defense. With the peace treaty with Egypt in 1979, the boundary has been determined. Same for Jordan in 1994. If the Palestinians were ready to make peace, then a boundary would also be set. But since they are not ready or not willing to make peace, and they never recognized the armistice line of 1949, then there is no “illegal” land in Israel. Learn some international law and leave your hate for other web sites.

    • I’m sorry, Eddie, that’s about the most assinine comment I’ve ever read – on this website or any other. NL’s unfortunate reply does not help as two wrongs do not make a right, but even were one to agree with you on the questionable legality and morality of Israel’s occupied territories, since when is a people’s right to music determined by the policies of their government? An absurd contention. You are not making an argument, you’re just a bitter man looking for a fight.

  • Crimea was giving to Ukraine unlawful by Nikita Khrushchyov in 1950th and no comment of protest then by UN. The same organization gave Israel right to the state by vote manipulation..There money flowing from USA to support Israeli music organizations. There’s society in USA: “Friend of Israel Philarmonic Orchestra”. Cost of ticket for fund raising concert-$500. Stop supporting in USA music in Israel.

    • Esfir Ross:
      1) Please make an effort to learn the English language – your numerous offenses against grammar pretty much qualify you for a life imprisonment in Remedial English 101.
      2) Some gratitude to Israel on your part for using the Israeli visa to emigrate from the USSR in the 1970s would be nice.

  • Norman better delete all these stupid political comments they differ us from the REAL thing, the assignment of a political persona to a music institution. There was one better qualified person for the job who has worked for the house since its beginning, but even in Israel (as often in Eruope) these posts are now very much political and have nothing to do with capability.
    I will miss miss Munitz

  • As the daughter of Holocaust survivors who also as Wiesel so wisely said left a lifelong mark on me: Forgive, but never forget; I am truly shocked and saddened to find this discussion here on this site. And it frightens me because of the rise in anti-Semitism, AFTER the Holocaust. At any rate, back to the news at hand. As a former student of voice and opera, I have always followed the development of opera in Israel, where in fact I spent a year studying, also with Jennie Tourel when she visited and did so much to develop opera singers in Israel. Hanna hired a lot of interesting directors (the Aldens for example) and contemporary Israeli composers, i.e Gil Shohat. She was a dedicated leader and recognized internationally. I wish Zach a hearty mazel tov in this position and eagerly await further developments of opera in Israel.

  • Emigration of Jews from USSR was possible with financial and political support by USA and still going on. My deepest gratitude to USA. 2 million German native emigrated to West Germany but not to East in 1970th. In Israel we felt like hostages.

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