Jeremy Corbyn to speak at music festival

Glastonbury has gone hard Left.

Can Glyndebourne come right back at them?

jeremy corbyn

(Probably not, but Longborough is popular with Govie and the Brexits.)

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    • And talking of dregs… there’s the Ship Of Fools – Bozo Bodger, Nigel Faraggo, Gorgeous George, Michael Gove, Jasper Pea-Pod, Simon Heffalump… and the rest of the laughable Jumblies of British politics.

      They set to sea in a sieve, they did.
      They set to sea in a sieve.

      Still, we can thank them for casting themselves adrift so publicly! Although I doubt a single one of them will have the guts to resign when their jolly jape hits the rocks.

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