Jeff Melanson’s defence steers clear of sex claims

Lawyers for the former chief exec of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra have released his version of the rapid collapse of his marriage to potato-chips heiress Eleanor McCain.

Employing the same law firm that acted against Ms McCain in a previous divorce, Melanson brands his ex-wife ‘a vengeful, angry person with extreme wealth and incredible amounts of rage.’

He denies ending the marriage ‘unilaterally’ by email and makes deprecatory assertions about her singing career.

You may read the unfurling of his defence and the unravelling of his marriage here.

jeff melanson eleanor mccain

What appears to be missing from the account, at this stage, is a denial of Ms McCain’s assertions that Melanson engaged in sexual liaisons at both the Banff Centre and Toronto Symphony in a manner contrary to good managerial conduct. These are key aspects that retain the attention of the music community.



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  • Should we really be concerned with this sort of mud-flinging which routinely occurs in acrimonious divorces? I’m sure there’s been dubious behaviour on both sides.

      • While I respect your right to remove this reply, should you wish to do so. I personally find the most interesting claim is that Eleanor McCain is paying to perform. Does this type of thing happen, and is it common?

  • Seems to me there is a quite a bit of interest to the music community here. From the linked Glove article (citing the filings) it would appear that Ms. McCain’s activities, as well as Mr. Melanson’s, are a threat to the TSO. And she claims to be a “professional singer.” If she is “buying” performance opportunities via “donations,” I would like to know with whom — if other orchestras are compromised.

    She appears to be what is usually known as a Pops artist though I believe she fancies herself as a classical crossover artist.

    Other claims of Melanson’s that she denies (e.g. about the Maritime property and the right of way) seem to be borne out by news reports. Maybe he is not the only bad guy here.

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