Ion Holender: Abolish Bucharest National Opera

The former head of the Vienna State Opera, himself a Romanian, has said that the only way out of the calamity in Bucharest, where local artists are calling for foreigners to be thrown out, is for the institution to be abolished and replaced by a new one.

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  • I’d kindly reply to Mr. Holender that opera is not, as he states in the begining, to please the public. It’s to educate the public, to offer them acces to culture, not just vip’s entertainement, as he seems inclined to do. And that no one in the opera is really attaking Kobborg’s fee, or his artistic quality, but the fact he’s a pawn for a previous management, management who intoxicates the press. Aswell, they deserve to have a word in their director choice, as they dared to revolt agains appaling conditions and injustice, against a smearing media campaign. Berlin Philarmonik chooses it’s conductor. I’m sure that Mr. Holender would reply, yes, but they are good. Well, racism is not only about race, is aswell about pretending that the less good has not the right to speak. And I’d dare him to show us something similar to what Rattle did with the Philarmonik for the less fortunate, during the time he was Enescu festival director, which, thankfully, he’s not anymore (looking forward to see how Jurowski will do things).

    • Let’s not put words in Mr. Holender’s mouth; he is able to speak for himself.

      Anyway, the Berlin Philharmonic indeed chooses its conductor, but as far as I know, not its intendant; someone please confirm that.

      What is however certain is that no opera house in the world chooses its management. It is possible that musicians may be consulted, but this is not always true.

      • Well, I agree to an extent with you, problem is they were for years under a questionable management (and in the last two under an arguably incompetent and corrupt one). They don’t really ask just for salaries, they ask for a competent and clean management. The previous management paying directly their most virulent critic, his paycheck was just exposed here.–Criticul-de-operă-Alexandru-Pătrașcu-și-contractul-semnat-cu-Opera-Națională-București

      • Mr. Holender asks for them just to be all fired (500-600? persons), and how do they dare to question the management. Of course, it’s just a bluff, an orchestrated scare-crow to intimidate them and make them give up on some points, we have a technocratic governement and no one will risk firing all the opera, sending the musicians in the street, it’s just an incompetent rant, if taken seriously. I dare to remember that the previous management was investigated by the governement audit and found faultive, and as such demoted, and reinstated just for a day under Kobborgs and Cojocaru presure, them being manipulated.

  • Breaking news: the media mogul of the trust responsible for the xenophobic acusations and Holender rants was arrested this morning by the anti-organised crime departement.
    Not for the opera thing, though I’d wish it was, the opera is just a drop the ocean of corruption that is our country. Though, this says very much about the quality of the news they present and who with who are friends. Please report all this opera thing with objectivity, as you can see just from this event how much deepness the story have. Again, Kojocaru and Cobborg are collateral victims of very ill intentioned people. They trusted them too much, and put themselfs in the 1st line.

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