Here’s how to board Airberlin with a viola or violin

Here’s how to board Airberlin with a viola or violin


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2016

Fiona Stevens has nailed it:

I had a very pleasant conversation today with Frau Unger from Airberlin head office who has helped many of us violinists in the past. She allows me to post the following procedure for taking violins on board until the wording of Airberlin terms & conditions is changed.
Anyone wishing to take a violin/viola on board should write to stating their flight & booking number, and the dimensions & weight of their instrument case. They should then receive written confirmation that they will be able to take the instrument as handluggage at no extra cost.

For anyone wondering why, whilst top management has decided to change policy in favour of musicians, it is taking so long for the official wording to be changed: this is (much the same as my recent post re Eurowings) because changing the wording of general terms & conditions requires every department (including legal) to ok the new wording, and this simply takes time.

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Thanks, Fiona!


  • Karin Hendel says:

    I have a problem with Alitalia: Italian , French and English Alitalia website allow musical instrument up to 115 cm in overhead compartments as only handluggage, German website suggests to put them in cargo or pay for an extra seat… center was strictly rejecting onboard violins…..

    who knows, how to find out the truth, we’re booked from Frankfurt to Athens, changing planes in Rome…..chamber orchestra with 8 violins/violas……

    flight is soon, any help is appreciated,

    Karin Hendel ( RSO Frankfurt )