Final chords for an abandoned piano

A passing video picks out a piano at a Tyneside landfill site in the north east of England. Beside it, a clearance worker called Glenn Akenclose plays its last farewell.

Life, huh?
Glen Akenclose

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  • Reminded me of this passage from Ursula K. Le Guin’s “The Left Hand of Darkness.” Two travelers are making a desperate trek across a frozen landscape. At some point they have to abandon the sledge they have been pulling.

    “He glanced back at the sledge, a bit of refuse in the vast torment of ice and reddish rock. ‘It did well,’ he said. His loyalty extended without disproportion to things, the patient, obstinate, reliable things that we use and get used to, the things we live by. He missed the sledge.”

  • What a dignified send-off for an instrument which has likely provided much joy and pleasure. Compare this with that given by those clowns at that college in Boston who just chuck the thing off the roof to whoops and cheers.

    Something even more touching that he’s sitting on a washing machine.

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