Chyna was a cellist (who knew?)

Chyna was a cellist (who knew?)


norman lebrecht

April 26, 2016

The professional wrestler and porn star who died last week, aged, 45, had a passion for playing the cello. Among her many fight and xxxx videos, you will find these recent shoots.


chyna cello

Life is never all that it seems.

‘I used to love to play the cello … and how big and unwieldy it was,’ she wrote. ‘But there was something feminine about it, too — the curves, the shape, the way you held it.’


  • Sixtus says:

    I am, for obvious reasons, reminded of this (from CBC Quote of the day):

    The story goes that during one orchestral rehearsal, Sir Thomas turned to a woman in the cello section and remarked, “You have between your legs the most sensitive instrument known to man, and all you can do is to sit there and scratch it.”

  • M2N2K says:

    In my student chamber orchestra, the cello section was dominated by females, and our middle-aged male conductor occasionally told them something along the lines of “Do you really think that the wider you spread your legs the better it sounds?”
    Oh, the “good old days”!