Bucharest latest: Opera chief is out – again

Bucharest latest: Opera chief is out – again


norman lebrecht

April 21, 2016

It’s anarchy at the Bucharest National Opera.

George Călin, reinstated yesterday as head of the opera company, was removed again today.

Falstaff has been cancelled and the opera is apparently on strike.

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  • Absurdistan says:


    The best the Angela Gheorghiu/Tiberiu Soare inspired/led Romanian Opera has to offer.

  • Mihail Ghiga says:

    I honestly don’t understand your anger. The problem was never Kobborg, it was the previous corrupt management. They put PLASTIC walls instead of hardwood in the lodges of a historical building. OMG! Nevermind the artistic dispute, they put plastic walls on a historical building!

  • Mihail Ghiga says:

    I have to correct my previous post, I found out it’s most likely it’s a treated wood (to amplify sound). It’s very hard and feels like plastic, and finishes are so and so. Some parts in the hall looks ok, some not so good. Unfortunatly, the one who for me looked most horrible was the huge Romania’s emblem on top of the stage.

  • Mihail Ghiga says:

    A short update.
    The opera artists received a lot of support for them from foreign artists who are appaled that they were called xenophobic. The blogger Alexandru Patrascu, the most vitriolic acuser, was demonstrated to be in conflict of interest, being payed (without disclosing it) by the other part involved, the previous opera direction.
    Johan Kobborg twitted “Romania, Europe, World, do you accept this?” which instantly made him look him out of touch with reality, as Romania, Europe and the World have some other things to do. Important things. Alina Cojocaru and another dancer, Mariana Minoiu, are acting like his speakers, and it looks terrible, very, very sad, like he is a fairy cult chief sending out his fanatics. A lot of people, even in the opera protesters camp – I’m on their side but oppenly said it – are most sad about this image of those two brilliant ballerinas. In the last meeting with the minister, everyone tried to protect her, let her speak freely, or managed the discussion so that she does not say something too embarasing for her in front of the cameras.