And the lifetime Wagner award goes to…

…. actually, the Leipzig Wagner prize … goes to the mezzo-soprano Waltraud Meier who, at 60, is gradually retiring her roles. Last month in Berlin, she sang her last Kundry.

waltraud meier2

The 10,000-Euro award was given last year to Christian Thielemann.

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  • Waltraud Maier is a consummate artist and I am so pleased about the award – I had no idea she was 60! I saw her in full magnificence in Tannhauser not that long ago and the beauty and richness of her voice, as well as her acting skills, are things I will never forget. In the role of Kundry, I would imagine that she still has great things to bring to that very special role, reagrdless of actual age. 60 is the new 40, after all!

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