Yoncheva to sing nude opera

This summer’s Montepellier Festival features an infrequent outing for Mascagni’s dubious opera, Iris, in which the heroine has a Freudian dream of getting molested by an octopus and ultimately gets stripped naked on a public balcony by a brothel keeper.

Not a happy ending.

Sonya Yoncheva stars.

iris mascagni

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  • Well, it’s not a dream. More of a childhood trauma. Iris tells that when she was a child she saw in a temple a picture painted on a screen depicting a girl on a seashore being “molested” and killed by an octopus (a reference to the famous erotic print by Hokusai “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dream_of_the_Fisherman%27s_Wife?wprov=sfla1) A monk explained to her that the octopus represented Pleasure, which leads to death.

  • Interesting that Yoncheva’s brother, Marin Yonchev, a famous Bulgarian rock singer. has also a part, and of course the conductor Domingo Hindoyan is Yoncheva’s husband.

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