Why web engines take musical names

We learn today that Violin Memory, the computer-data storage company, has sacked a quarter of its staff after poor results.

Opera, the popular browser, has developed an effective ad-blocking system online.

Symphony is a high-performance software system.

Orchestra develops could-based software solutions.

Maestro is a NASA program.

Conductor specialises in web presence management.

These people tell us classical music is obsolete.

As they steal our clothes.

opera browser

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  • A bit of a stretch.

    // Food
    (spam, java, cookies, apples) -> they’re eating our lunch;
    // OR housing :
    (windows, tables, switches mailbox) -> not very accommodating;
    // OR animals:
    (tomcat, bugs, gopher, python) -> sucking the life out of us;
    // AND a host of other phony correlations.
    Get with the program.

  • I’ll bet Alta Vista was some kind of plot to popularise violas, too.

    And look what happened to that! ;))

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