Watch Muti and son-in-law live from Paris

The Chicago music director has been out for six weeks after a fall at home put him in hospital for a hip op.

He’s back now.

You can watch him on free stream tonight (and for a while after) in a rare TV appearance with the French pianist David Fray, who is married to the maestro’s daughter, Chiara.

It’s 8pm Paris time (3pm New York) on Arte. Schumann concerto. Click here.


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  • The way Muti jumped around and pivoted on the podium, I’m beginning to wonder if he ever even had an accident, much less an operation, on his hips. Maybe he just wanted an excuse to to stay away from the cold winter of Chicago and putz around his garden in the Mediterranean. ; )

    I hope he’s warmer to his son-in-law at home than on stage, the way he just stiffly shook his hand like he just met him for the first time at rehearsal. ; ) ; )

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