Toronto Symphony boss’s emailed divorce bursts into open court

The ex-wife of Jeffrey Melanson, CEO of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, has filed suit accusing him of misconduct with employees at his jobs at the National Ballet School, the Banff Centre and the TSO.

jeff melanson eleanor mccain

Eleanor McCain, 46, heiress to a frozen potato-chips fortune, was upset when Melanson, 42, divorced her by email after nine months of marriage.

She has laid out her grievances in a 34-page court deposition. Melanson has called the claims inaccurate. Details here.


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  • “Misconduct” with employees? Our so-classy friend Melanson.

    Hopefully this will finally be end of the slimeball’s career.

    • By “slimeball” I assume you mean orchestra manager. The two terms are synonymous. -one orchestra manager fed up with it all.

  • With luck the board will have the balls to fire this guy. Colleagues in the arts world have had this narcissistic slime buckets number for years.

  • And let’s lay the blame for this entire distraction/mess where it really belongs. And that’s at the feet of a weak board that did not do due diligence before hiring this person. These issues were well known to those in the know in the art scene in Canada

  • I don’t know if her claims are true but he clearly expected a big payout from her after only 8 months of marriage. Douchebag behaviour imo.

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