Thielemann extends his grip on Salzburg

The Dresden Staatskapelle and its chief conductor have renewed for three more years, taking them to 2020 and beating off exploratory overtures by the Berlin Philharmonic.

Dresden have been in residence since 2012, when the Berlin Phil quit for Baden-Baden.


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  • Love the fact that for Norm, if it’s Thielemann getting another gig, it’s ‘extending his grip’ (Do you see what he did there?).

    For most others, it would be ‘renewing their partnership’, gets an extension of contract, unser weiter…

    Next stop: world domination!

    • Indeed it was…but this has to do with the current negotiations over his extension of his Dresden contract. Even if the musical relationship with the orchestra is good, the personal one is anything but and the current subject of very tough talking behind the scenes.

      • Thanks, Erich. So his current Saxon contract runs only thru 2020, limiting the new Salzburg timeframe. Makes sense.

      • Is there ANYONE Herr T. has good and lasting personal relations with, in this professional world, who is not an inferior anyway and thus not considered a potential threat [redacted: abuse]?

  • Oh dear. Truly dreadful,over controlled, and ghastly performances the order of the day for the poor Salzburg audiences.

  • First, we’re just talking about the Easter Festival, right? Second, any actual evidence that the Berlin Phil was trying to make its way back to Salzburg? It’s only the 4th year of Baden-Baden and I don’t know how it’s going, but you’d think they wouldn’t be ready to pull the plug yet.

    • Total rubbish. The reason Berlin left Salzburg was that B-B were prepared to pay the ridiculous amount they currently receive. Salzburg would never ever be able to do so.

  • Maestro Thielemann – all round excellent conductor and musician and beloved by the Viennese. I’ve been in the audience in the Musikverein a few times to get Christian’s repeated ovations – long after the orchestra has left the stage.

    Christian Thielemann, xxx

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