The pianist who played Carnegie Hall with a broken hand

The pianist who played Carnegie Hall with a broken hand


norman lebrecht

March 22, 2016

The pianist Peter Takács, a professor at Oberlin, will undergo hand surgery in Cleveland today for an injury suffered while he was playing at Carnegie Hall. The audience was unaware. Here’s what Peter tells Slipped Disc:

I played a 3-concert series at Weill Hall entitled “The Beethoven Experience “.

After the second one, on November 13, the day of the Paris attacks, I tripped and fell on both my hands. It was clear that something was wrong with my right hand.

I proceeded to practice for my third concert, which took place on January 14, 2016, in spite of pain and inflammation on the radial side.

Later, a CT scan showed a fracture of the “hook of Hamate”. So, indeed, I played in Carnegie Hall with a broken bone in my right hand!

When athletes do this, we call them heroes.

peter takacs



  • Emanuel Borok says:!!!
    I had no idea. I assume you are ok are a double hero,.
    Like doing the three recitals is not a feat in itself to do one of them with a broken hand. You deserve an iron cross!!!

  • David Pocock says:

    Heroic indeed! And the concert was sensational. Hats off to Peter Takacs.

  • Robert DeMaine says:

    Peter is a hero, indeed! Kudos to him for soldiering on through the pain and performing with his usual brilliant insight into this particularly great literature. I expect this master will make a full recovery.
    Bravissimo, Peter Tákacs!

  • David Pocock says:

    And the concert was profoundly satisfying. Heroic indeed!

  • Robin Hope says:

    Mr. Beethoven would be very proud, indeed…the insight of a lifetime of study, passion and performance overcame the physical pain/restriction of mobility- and Beethoven was once again channeled through Prof. Takacs!
    I hope you are fully recovered by now, and ready to tackle more of the Master’s world- in future concerts and recitals…

  • Jennifer says:

    Very impressive! Nothing but admiration for your will.