The baritone brother of Alfredo Kraus

The baritone brother of Alfredo Kraus


norman lebrecht

March 15, 2016

Francisco Kraus Trujillo, older brother of the glorious tenor Alfredo Kraus, has died in Grancanaria at the age of 89.

Francisco spent most of his stage career in Spain and Venezuela

Alfredo died in 1999.

francisco kraus


  • John Nemaric says:

    Glorious duet of the Kraus brothers. May he (and his brother Alfredo) rest in peace. Does anybody know the name of the zarzuela they are singing? Also, is that Tatiana Troyanos in the first photo?

    • Pablo Romero says:

      I believe the work in question is “Marina” by Emilio Arrieta- it began as a Zarzuela but Arrieta later turned it into a full opera. It’s a glorious piece of work, actually, and sadly under-performed, but Kraus’ recording of it in 1998, even though he was clearly starting to feel the effects of his illness at the time, is glorious.