Stolen Miami viola walks into a store

The viola stolen from Greg Falkenstein’s car in Miami has been brought into a specialist dealer and offered for sale. The dealer, Duffy Violins, recognised the instrument from online alerts and called the cops.

Greg has been reunited with his viola.

He writes: ‘I shall tell more about the experience at some point in the days ahead. For the moment, I must acknowledge the true heroes of yesterday’s miraculous recovery of my beloved viola: Barbara and Marci Duffy. I would not have it back in my hands now were it not for this dynamic mother/daughter duo’s bravery, quick thinking, and above all else, their astounding humanity. They knew that someone loved the viola that had come to them, and before they even knew the identity of its owner, they resolved that it would not leave their hands, and they did so despite putting themselves at risk of harm. I will never be able to thank them and everyone at the Duffy shop enough for restoring to me my life, and frankly, my will to live. It truly was a second birth. Cheers to Barbara Duffy! Angels are real–and this from a great skeptic. Love always wins in the end.’


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