Sicklist: Pollini is replaced by Tchaikovsky winner

Maurizio Pollini, 74, has cancelled this week’s Basle recital with winter woes.

His replacement is the little-seen Dmitri Masleev, 27, winner of last summer’s Tchaik Competition.

dmitry masleev

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  • I wish Maurizio Pollini all the best and good health. I belive that Dmitry Masleev, the winner of XV Tchaikovsky Competition, a talented performer and a rising star will be an adequate substitution. I wish Dmitry a great inspiration and success!

  • Маурицио Поллини – выздоровления!
    А Дмитрию Маслееву – вдохновения. И доброжелательных, вдумчивых слушателей.

    • We wish Mr. Maurizio Pollini speedy recovery and to Mr. Dmitriy Masleev we wish inspiration and friendly tougthful listeners!

  • “Little-seen” Dmitry Masleev made a stunning impression in his last recitals in the US, Russia, Germany, Bulgaria and Italy! Masleev is rising star, he has yet to come!

  • Seine entscheidende „Tat“ war in der zweiten Runde die Interpretation von Mozarts d-Moll-Klavierkonzert KV 466. Eine geradezu ans Metaphysische reichende Musikalität zeigte sich da und verwandelte den Raum in eine Atmosphäre des Unwirklichen.

  • Mr.Masleev is a young wonderful musician who is deeply feeling and understanding music. His technuque is brilliant and he has the beutiful sound. His playing comprises a lot of inspiration and poetry. I wish to him a great success in the forthcoming concert in Basel/

  • We wish Mr. Pollini to get better soon, but we are also sure that Mr. Masleev is the best replacement as an outstanding musician who will delight Mr. Pollini audience. According to Mr. Berezovsky, Mr.Masleev will be among the very few top musicians already in several years . Yesterday in Japan, his concert was sold out in one day.

    Do I hear “little-seen”? It was a typo, I suppose, otherwise we would be happy to order big glasses. Because the busy schedule for two years ahead is filled up.

    • Yes sold out 180 seats, $45 is surprising!
      His Japan debut was not actually great review. Witnessed his extremely shaky hands in a prestigious hall by Nagata acoustics. He was practicing in front of quiet Japanese audience. Good luck next.

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