Rupert Murdoch’s ex trots out a model violinist

While the media mogul was getting remarried at the weekend, his last wife Wendy Deng was being walked around the Paris fashion shows by a male model who happens to be a classical violinist.

Very chummy. Lots of pictures in the Mail.


We’ve shown him once before, with Miley Cyrus.

miley cyrus charlie siem

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  • And his violin folds-up to fit in that neat Boss leather bag 😉

    Happy International Women’s Day (8th March) to all our female readers :)))

  • How very unsiemly…he’ll have to make even more effort coaxing dulcet tones out of her than he siems to need in order to get half-decent ones from his fiddle.

  • Deng has had more boyfriends than I’ve had hot dinners including, but not limited to, one extremely high ranking British politician!! Seems she’s making up for those lost years of pie throwing and being with a man 35 years her senior.

  • He makes the rather far-fetched claim, repeated in the Mail article, to be the youngest professor in the UK. That is clearly not the case. He may well be the youngest visiting professor at a conservatoire, but that’s not the same as being an actual professor. According to any sensible person’s criteria, rather than those of a shameless self-publicist, “professor” means a person who holds a professorial chair or who has been made a titular professor, professor ad hominem, etc. A now slightly outdated report by the Higher Education Statistics Agency claimed 25 professors under the age of 30 in the UK at the time, and I assume that these were real professors. Nietzsche was appointed a professor of classical philology at Basel aged 24, and Enoch Powell took up the chair in Greek at Sydney aged 25. Ben Green was Professor of Mathematics at Bristol aged 27 and took up a chair at Cambridge aged 29. Ernest Rutherford was also 27 when he obtained the Macdonald professorship in physics at McGill. Mervyn King was 29 when he appointed to a professorship at Birmingham. Steven Rose was a relative latercomer, being made professor of biology at the Open University aged 31. Mr Siem may be many great things, but he is not a professor.

  • This is the sort of tripe that gives people the impression that the classical music world is one of gorgeous hunks and babes, immensely wealthy, all with product endorsement contracts, living in the world as seen by and in Hello! magazine, et al. We have here a ‘classical violinist’ who plays with Lady Gaga, The Who, Miley Cyrus and the like, and whose debut concert in New York was simply savaged by the NY Times. Now I’ve heard him, I know why. The whole phenomenon of this sort of coverage of classical music is doing tremendous harm. Funding is a critical problem, but people are hardly likely to think that, for their apprehension of classical music is determined by a few shockingly overpaid ‘celebrity’ musicians and in toto a community of celebrities hardly different from Lady Gaga, Cyrus, or Paris Hilton come to the crunch. The few who do indeed lead the celebrity life are ubiquitous because of their product endorsements. Meanwhile, the mass of classical musicians anonymously play their hearts out and pray that funding will come from somewhere, the financial crisis hanging over them like the sword of Damocles. I strongly suspect that Siem is another Vanessa-Mae — his father is a billionaire and money can buy a career, though it may mean you play with Miley Cyrus rather than the Berlin Phil. The post doesn’t even mention his name, and rightly so.

    • The funniest thing is that he isn’t even straight and yet everyone is trying to make it sound as if he is dating Wendi Murdoch. Just check his Instagram and you’ll see it yourself.

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