Radio 3 ex-head of music dies, at 62

The family of John Evans have posted sad news of his death, of a heart attack, on his Facebook page.

John was a dedicated Britten scholar who was appointed Head of Music on the BBC’s classical network in 1993. He lost the job in a BBC restructuring and became head of the Oregon Bach Festival in 2007, staying until 2015.

He was a man of wide knowledge and unfailing courtesy, especially in tense situations.

John will be sadly missed.

john evans

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  • John was a dear friend and colleauge during his time as the transformative President of the Oregon Bach Festival. He lived a life in service of music and he will be sorely missed.

    Thank you John, for all the great achievements you made while in Oregon and the legacy of great art you have left here.

    Tom Cirillo
    Former Executive Director
    Portland Baroque Orchestra

  • This is more sad news. He was only in touch with me last month as he was planning to visit his dear friend and mine, Heather Harper. I wonder if he managed it …

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