Orch dispute turns ugly in Fort Worth

Musicians picketed the admin offices yesterday after a wage negotiations meeting was called off.

The orch prez says she is seeking new dates, but the long-running dispute is flaring up again and trust is running low.

Report here.


fort worth Symphony protest 005

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  • Yesterday it was San Antonio. Now Forth Worth. What’s happening to Texas? Are the orchestras in El Paso and Abilene safe?

    • ^ Only as long as the musicians do not (a) make any claims about the importance of their art or (b) try to work toward getting paid a living wage.

  • If the strike last long it will be another problem for Fort Worth Cliburn amateur competition 2016 this June, that need the orchestra for concerto round.Cliburn competition commitee act egrigeous . The applicant that was selected ask not to talk to public- big strategic secret.
    Most not selected are from USA-ethnic cleansing.

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