One of these two is coming to Covent Garden

william spaulding angela merkel

Hint: It’s not her.

It’s him.

Picture taken after Lohnegrin, Deutsche Oper Berlin, April 2015.

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    • At least she’s more intelligent and long-term thinking and unselfish than the vast majority of MPs in Westminster …

      • Indeed.

        Certainly by comparison to Brexit – or the “Ship of Fools”, which has every worn-out and discredited nana on board by now.

        Bojo Johnson, Nigel Farage, Jacob Rees Mogg, Nigel Farage, George Galloway, Simon Heffer, Michael Gove – an unholy alliance of every disreputable nutter in modern British politics.

        Mutti Merkel is probably preferable, as you say – although she is far from being on my Christmas Card list 😉

          • The whole EU is one gigantic fraud and nothing more than a dictatorship run by unelected, unaccountable, self opinionated bureaocrats.

            When are these idiots going to understand that millions of us British don’t want them ordering us about all the time.

            All we ever voted for was a trade union betweeb countries. To hell with political union

            Their accounts haven’t been signed off for years.

            I wouldn’t trustvthem to butter a peace of toast.

          • Yes, Tim – the entire question of ‘subsidiarity’ (i.e. of EU legislation taking precedence over local law-making) has proven to be a bunch of thorns. Not only has it been impossible to implement, it has also made the EU look like a jackass to its own taxpayers.

            Some countries manage things very well without the EU. Switzerland, for example, feels no compulsion to hand over its affairs to the Petulant Pen-Pushers of Brussels – yet Switzerland seems to be doing jolly well economically?

            Norway, too, manages to regulate its economic affairs with the EU without having to tolerate the slather of idiocy that emerges from such buffoons as Mogherini, or the drunkard Juncker. Norway is a member of the European Single Market. Norway has one of the highest standards of living in the world, let alone merely the EU


          • On the other hand, Switzerland implements EU legislation and contributes to the EU budget even without being in the European Union (and hence having a vote on either the legislation or the budget).

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