New York’s newest orchestra commissions new … cuisine

Just when you thought orchestras had run out of gimmicks, along comes a new gang with a recycled meal deal.

The Philharmonia Orchestra of New York, known as PONY, ‘has commissioned five of the area’s top chefs to create dishes inspired by symphonies being performed in a pair of concerts on March 29 and 30 at Jazz at Lincoln Center’s Rose Theater: Mahler’s Symphony No. 2 ‘Resurrection’ and Berlioz’s Symphonie fantastique.’

That’s what it says in the press release.

Among the dishes: Spanish Gamba Resurrected with New York’s First Taste of Spring

I’m going vegan.

symphony dish

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  • That’s a pretty big boast. Though, the NY Philharmonic, in the early years of Alan Gilbert’s tenure, offered a “suppers” event pairing great music and food together. As I recall, the food was inspired by the music on that particular program.

  • Why not? Food and music. Good idea, for venues that can utilize both worlds. It’s been done, and audiences do enjoy it. Claremont College in California crafted several dinner/concert events for my visits in the 1990s, featuring American, French or Russian music/food concerts, a different culture for each visit. The audiences, well, ‘ate it up’!

  • Looking beyond the menu, the interesting thing is that the tickets are a flat $5 for all seats in the house (plus a $10 fee).

  • Instead of being pretentious why don’t you commend this orchestra for doing something different and unique? And as David mentioned, tickets start at 5 dollars. This orchestra should be commended for that alone. It sounds like they are trying to get new audiences interested in classical music – shouldn’t that be something we rally behind and commend, rather than try to be witty and make some snarky, inappropriate comments, and create more divisiveness within our community? What the hell does “recycled meal deal” even mean?

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