New film: Three football fans go to the opera

A diehard Chelsea fan, Opera Holland Park’s director Michael Volpe has been trying to interest his old Shed mates in a night of Traviata.

‘Nah, that’s for mugs,’ says one of them.

So he sneaks them into rehearsal. Then they go for some bubbly in the Floral Hall.


opera holland park footy verdi

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  • Thanks for sharing Norman. It is a very touching little film I think, we are very pleased with how the chaps reacted.

  • That shows how much the right person with a very intelligent choice,with no pressure can do to ” spread” the news .
    Maybe one day the young grandchildren will go to the opera and will dare to do something out of the ordinary as their grandparents
    Very ,very, nice .

  • Starts in a very jerky fashion then stops and a blank page appears. Very disappointing. Can it be rectified please?

  • I also loved the concept and especially the reactions. This is surely one way to bring in new audiences, concentrate on the individual rather than mass marketing. It obviously requires time and a great deal of effort, but it can work.

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