Munich opera chief calls quits

Nikolaus Bachler has announced he will step down as Intendant of Bavarian State Opera in 2021, coinciding with the departure of his music director Kirill Petrenko for the Berlin Philharmonic.

Bachler will be 70 that year. He has been in charge at Munich since 2008.

nikolaus bachler

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    • He managed it quite well, but let’s not fall into the mass media stupidity trap, that always tries to sing the hubris song of the lone leader, when in fact well functioning opera houses are always and only the result of a great team effort by many, from the Intendant all the way down to the concierge at the backstage entrance.

      And please let’s also stop this idiotic “best opera house” of Germany/world/universe vehicle. That is reserved for the mentally challenged only, who do not understand that the essence of music is in the creative collaboration, not in winning, not in competing against others. Music is not sports. Stupid journalists…

      • I agree that league tables of opera houses have no basis in reality.

        Nevertheless, successful teams of staff do not build themselves, and do not stay together without deliberate processes of adhesion. Nor do sponsors stay with failing theatres.

        It is worth noting and respecting what has created Munich’s successes ))

        • Right, an Intendant has more individual responsibilities at the helm than anyone else. But don’t you think it is a bit of a hyperbole to say, he created Munich’s successes? He had a major helping hand in it, sure, but Munich opera has a long and proud tradition. Unless looking around at all the mediocrity, you count someone who is a good manager already a hero of UEBERMENSCH proportions.
          And if he is good, then who deserves the credit for scouting and hiring him?
          And who is to credit for the generous financing, that allows Munich opera to excel and invest the money, apparently wisely above average market returns, figuratively speaking?

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