More sadness: Heimat composer has died

More sadness: Heimat composer has died


norman lebrecht

March 27, 2016

Easter has taken too many lives this year.

The lastest mortality news to reach us is of the German composer Josef Anton Riedl, an electronics pioneer who wrote part of the perfect score for Edgar Reitz’s Heimat series on TV.

Riedl, who was 86, was among the first foreign musicians to work with Pierre Schaeffer in Paris on musique concrete, in 1953. He headed the Siemens electronic studios in the 1960s and went on to initiate many series of challenging music.

josef anton riedl

with Carl Orff at the Siemens controls


  • Frederick West says:

    I think you’ll find that Nikos Mamangakis wrote the scores for Heimat and Die Zweite Heimat.
    The only credited excerpt from Riedl is ‘Lautegedicht’ from episode 2 of Heimat 2. Please get the facts correct.