Martha Argerich: ‘The best Mozart I have ever played’ (new video)


Serge Babayan: ‘I felt that God was present’.

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  • But not the best Mozart played. I discover Norvegian pianist Christian Ihle Haland-the best Mozart played lately.

      • Yes! It is touching that a musician like Martha Argerich, after so many years of experience and work, keeps her mind open for discoveries and estimation. I warmly imagine that THIS Mozart, for her, was one of the best she ever played, no matter if it was THE best Mozart played ever. This is not what matters at this moment. Why should it matter? They were fantastic.

  • Thank goodness there are such great artists and human beings as these two musicians, and their rapport and expressions of mutual admiration and growth are as touching and personal as their performances and dedication. Hopefully their message will transcend all internet negativity, and reach an audience interested less in comparisons. Martha Argerich of course was expressing her admiration for Sergei Babayan as her own personal superlative, rather than naming a best musician.

  • “HaDland,” Esfir. ArkivMusic carries eight discs, only one with Mozart; YouTube has a few clips which sound very good on brief listening .

  • So, they went a little overboard in their praise for each other – who cares? The playing is wonderful and that is all that matters.

    • The playing is indeed wonderful and the praise certainly not unwarranted or overboard–it was their subjective experience, and shared from a beautiful reserve of collective experience.

      • Evaluating the effusiveness of praise is probably just as subjective as judging the quality of playing, but I am glad that we agree about what I consider the most important matter in this case.

  • This is so beautiful, fresh, sincere and inspiring. I want to go to practice after listening to your playing. Thank you Martha and Sergei. Please play more Mozart together.

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