LA Phil makes it onto The Late Show

H/t to the best orchestral PR team in America.

dudamel colbert

Not sure about that middle coat button, Gustavo.

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  • Oh boy!!! That French horn is most likely the total bad ass whose playing lights up The new Star Wars….Andrew Bain has got to be in the conversation when it comes to best orchestra players in the world.

    • I understand that (incidentally) LA Phil’s musicians are the best-paid orchestra members in the U.S. Home venue performances are usually better than this (of course, we don’t make them play in the dark).

      • I’ve heard that as well. I think it depends whether or not the Met Opera orchestra is included. I thought the performance was fine, especially given the constraints of a tv studio. Haven’t heard this revamped brass section at Disney. Looks like some very good hires.

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