Has Berlin gone Ring crazy?

The Deutsche Oper in west Berlin is planning a new Wagner Ring cycle, directed by the Norwegian, Stefan Herheim. It announced the plan last year.

So yesterday the Staatsoper in east Berlin announced a new Ring, directed by the Russian, Dmitri Tcherniakov.

Both are intriguing possibilities but how much Rhine gold can a city spend before it exhausts the public patience?

culture of excess is replacing the tunnel vision of the Cold War era.

friedrich tunnel ring

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  • Find evidence of a Ring Cycle anywhere in the world that does not sell out. Then come back with your pointless point-scoring.

  • One thing, Herheim’s will be visually extravagant whilst Tcherniakov’s will likely be set in the living room of Valkyrie Villas.

    As to which will cost the more, well only the German taxpayers need worry about such trifles.

  • Hanna Nahan – A spectacularly record-setting example, the LePage Ring at the Metropolitan Opera. It cost millions and many reputations, and the public rebelled. The revival one year after the premiere season saw some of the lowest attendance in the Met’s history (until this current season).

  • With so many terrific operas unstaged or staged infrequently, what’s the point of another Ring cycle. The mere thought of it fills me with inertia.

    • Such as? Wagner was one of the most progressive composers when it came to improve on the classical instruments for his ideas. As long as you keep the trumpet sound “German”, golden and not too bright, and consider a few other parameters the insiders know, today’s instruments are great for playing Wagner.
      Or were you joking?

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