Fischer-Dieskau’s partner is 80 today

Hat-tip to Aribert Reimann, accompanist to the great recitalist in the later stage of his career and a composer of two stark operas, King Lear and Medea.

reimann fischer-dieskau


Fischer-Dieskau personified his Lear.

reimann lear

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  • Impressive postwar-hangover music.

    Dieter-Fischkau had visually aged considerably after the many rehearsels as we can see, and Cordelia could no longer endure them, which gave the stage director his brilliant idea of the last scene.

  • A GREAT composer, and a most gentle and generous man!! Happy 80th Aribert 🙂

    Btw, Norman, I’m not sure the late DFD would have quite seen the humour in your headline “…Dieskau’s Partner..”, though I am sure Aribert and his partner probably would 🙂

    • There is no humour in that headline! It’s just a futile attempt to explain the existence of Aribert Reimann to the more ignorant readers!

  • “Lear” is quite an opera; I praised the recording in The New Yorker fifteen years ago. It will be done in Paris this spring.

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