First video of new Finn maestro, aged 20

Vesa Siren, critic of the Hensingin Sanomat, has just published rehearsal video of the Helsinki Philharmonic with young Klaus Mäkelä, who looks like the real deal.

Vesa writes:

Great expectations this evening at Helsinki Music Centre. Klaus decided to become a conductor when he was seven years old, rehearsing in children’s choir of Carmen at Finnish National Opera with Hannu Lintu. Already one of the best cellists in Finland of his generation, at 12 he started studying conducting, with Jorma Panula. 8 years later he has already conducted many Finnish orchestras. Next: debuts in Denmark, Tokyo. Panula says: “He is one of the best students I have ever had. He has ears, is quick-witted and of course with great musicality.”

Klaus Mäkelä

Watch rehearsal video here.

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  • Norman, he’s aged 20 (since January 17th). 20 is still plenty young, no need to make him younger.
    And from your link, “vaikka hän on vasta 20-vuotias” in Finnish means “even though he is only 20 years old”…

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