Death of a Chopin pianist

Death of a Chopin pianist


norman lebrecht

March 07, 2016

The death is reported of Jerzy Godziszewski, 81, a highly regarded artist who was awarded second distinction in the 1960 International Chopin Piano Competition as well as a special prize founded by Witold Małcużyński.

Jerzy went on to study for two years with Arturo Benedetti-Michelangeli but took more to teaching than performing. From 1978 he was professor of music at the High School of Music in Bydgoszcz.

jerzy godziewski

He can be seen in this 1960 news film at 2:40.


  • Steinway Fanatic says:

    He won the 8th prize – so how does that translate to “2nd distinction”?

    • norman lebrecht says:

      That’s what it says on the official Chopin Comp site.

      • sdg says:

        He was not 8th prize winner – there were 6 prize winners. Those who reach the finals but fail to win a prize are awarded a “distinction”, but the distinctions are listed in alphbetical order, not order of merit.