China buys £1 million organ

The German organ builders Hermann Eule have created a 1.3 million Euro instrument for the concert hall of the Xi’an music school in northern China.

The organ has 63 registers, 4,083 pipes and a total weight of 14 tons.

It is thought to be the 25th concert organ in China.


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  • Local provincial governments in China are just throwing money away for vanity projects. If it is not a gigantic golden Mao statute, it’s a gigantic German pipe organ.

    I can assure you the province where the Xi-an music school is located needs an instrument to detect air pollution more than an instrument to blow that air around some more.

    • Chinese air pollution is pretty apparent already and hardly “needs an instrument to detect” it.

  • I will follow with interest. However, the builder’s website has nothing about this installation as of 16-03-2016, either under New Works, or Press Releases.

    The Pipe Organ in China Project/HKBU

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