An opera on the innocent youth of Bill Clinton

An opera on the innocent youth of Bill Clinton


norman lebrecht

March 09, 2016

You wouldn’t think they’re sucking up to the next prez, would you?

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press release:

Contact: General Director, Zachary James
Opera Ithaca presents the world premiere production of Billy Blythe, an American folk opera about the childhood of President Bill Clinton. The opera was composed by country singer-songwriter, Bonnie Montgomery, with a libretto by Britt Barber, both native Arkansans. Bonnie Montgomery recently won the 2016 Outlaw Singer of the Year award at the Ameripolitan Music Awards.
Billy Blythe is a snapshot of Clinton’s life in Arkansas in 1959. His relationship with his family and several events reveal the inspiration behind Clinton’s motivations to achieve success despite challenges. The opera has been given an Arkansas concert as well as a 2010 NYC workshop with Metropolis Opera Project. Opera Ithaca’s presentation marks the official world premiere production.
Opera Ithaca’s production of Billy Blythe will play the Kitchen Theatre April 8th thru 10th, 2016, with four total performances. The opera will be directed by Norm Johnson, music direction by Richard Montgomery, scenic design by Marthe Hoffmann, lighting design by Evan Hawkins and costume design by Anna Grigo. The opera stars baritone, Garrett Obrycki (Opera Philadelphia, Opera Saratoga, Opera Lancaster) as Bill, Dawn Pierce (Opera Tampa, Mobile Opera, Nashville Opera) as his mother Virginia, Erik Angerhofer (Opera Fort Collins, Opera Theatre of the Rockies, Central City Opera) as his stepfather Roger and David Neal (Tri Cities Opera, Syracuse Opera, Baltimore Opera) as his grandfather, Eldridge. The supporting cast includes Kate Clemons, Alyce Daubenspeck, Nathan Haltiwanger, Michael Roddy and Sarah Weldon.
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  • Michael B. says:

    Bill Clinton already has an opera, “L’Inganno Felice.” (By the way, I am a Democrat and voted for him twice–so sue me.)

  • Eddie Mars says:

    The next prez? How could he benefit from this?

    I see the plot of the opera ends before his glamorous bombing of civilian sites in Serbia. The Clintons are so “well-loved” in E Europe for that.

    • Michael says:

      Well Eddie, that depends upon which parts of “Eastern Europe” you are referring too. If you head southeast, into places that were experiencing the brunt of Milosevic’s murderous terror gangs, you may not get what you consider the intended correct answer to your hypothetical posturing. In many of those regions, there are even streets named after Bill Clinton, just saying…

  • Doug says:

    Who will play Paula Jones? Jennifer Flowers? Juanita Broddrick?…

  • Holly Golightly says:

    Well, that will be an extremely SHORT opera!!

  • Peter says:

    There has been no president of the US of A since JFK’s assassination. Only “speakers” for the shadow government. Think that is nutty conspiracy theory crap? Well, time will tell to those, who can’t see behind the smoke and mirrors…